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Balcony TV Sessions #5 @ The Shelter

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by | Mar 27, 2016 | Party

Balcony TV Sessions #5

BalconyTV Cluj/Kolozsvár and The Shelter launch a new common event-chain to present the local underground audience quality underground bands, artists and DJ`s from various music genres mostly from Romania, Hungary and from other countries in Europe.

Óperentzia // Kontakton // Frantic

Óperentzia was founded in 2005, the band name is borrowed from hungarian folk-tales’ imaginary lands. Their debut was released in 2008, it was followed with the album One Week, in 2009, then the third LP came out in 2010, called Mr. Hat. From 2011, they collaborated with the artists of Freak Fusion Cabaret, after countless shows they recorded a few songs written for the repertoire, this EP was labeled as Freak Circus Combo. In 2015, the band’s next album came to light, called Trance Ober Enz, insipred by a Siberian archive folk-song collection. Around the authentic folk chants they built a unique musical world with the elements of dub, chill and trance genres. Óperentzia is a regular perfomer at the biggest hungarian and national psychedlic festivals (OZORA, SUN…) They organize self-supporting psy parties arm-in-arm with the best noted DJ-s. In their new musical works they collaborate with performers like: Aurafood, Csángálló, Kory… At their last concert they played with the world famous Félix Lajkó in Akvárium Club, Budapest and it was a great success.

The two hungarian members of Kontakton, Jozsef Nagy and Peter Bardos make contact with the audience using zig-zag melodies, sometimes break it, springing the rhythms. Co-operating with several musicians since they found the band in 2010 they were experiencing with different orchestration. In 2015 going back to duo formation they built every experience into a modern, electronic traveler sound, even remixing their own songs. They have two released EP, Neuroleptikum (2015) and Delta (2015). They played in more listed and popular clubs in Budapest (Dürer Kert, R33, G3 Klub, Mika Tivadar Mulató), several musical and art festivals in Hungary. With their new musical attitude they were part of bigger psychedelic parties, as well.



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