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Rotate [Berlin] @ Gazette

Home $ Party $ Rotate [Berlin] @ Gazette

by | Mar 9, 2017 | Party

Gazette meets Rotate Berlin

* Label, booking & events agency with its home base in Berlin.
We bring artists & labels together to create new horizons and stimulate collaborations.

This sonic output is presented through our releases, events & podcasts to foster and expand creative input for everyone involved.

VENDi [Rotate, Inwave / DE]

Laylla Dane [Rotate / BG]

dannilov [Colectiva Gazette]

Saboar [Colectiva Gazette, d.tales]

Visuals by alter

Saturday, March 11th
Starting at: 23:00

10 ron before 00:00 / 20 ron after
Guest list valid until 12:30AM.

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