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Technoa @ Club NOA

Home $ Party $ Technoa @ Club NOA

by | May 4, 2017 | Party

Club NOA & El Clasico presents: TECHNOA V5
Friday, 19 mai 2017

TECHNOA is a concept that is based on quality music, positive people and energetic vibe. The uniqueness of the concept comes from team surprises which offers participants a show of lights, visuals and special effects in accord with the music, a pleasant atmosphere and a specific decor.

Mirror States – Main Sounds
Mirror States is a reflection of a state of mind and way more. It’s a project aiming to transcend another Universe, where techno is the highest form of interaction between electronic music lovers.
The two members, Mircea Ivan & Ionut Vitan from the youngest and most promising duo of the Bucharest underground clubbing scene. Their earlystart set in 2015 has already taken a lot of ravers in a higher state of consciousness throughout parties spread all over Romania

To discover yourself you must first ‘boldly go where you haven’t gone before’.
Having a vision about the path they need to follow, but not knowing where it would lead, Alex Rise and NIXON embarked on a mission to refine and develop their sound in order to give something back to their community – special moments, special atmospheres. Therefore, |Destination:Unknown| came to life. This concept is about creating the perfect setting that would bring people together to share the same passion and offer everybody a feeling of ’This is the right direction’. After a first chapter of playing memorable parties in their beloved city – Cluj-Napoca, Alex Rise and NIXON decided to take this journey where the epicentre of the electronic scene was happening – Ibiza – in order to get at the top of their game. Now they are back and they want to engage YOU and other fellow artists for the next chapter, a journey full of sound and beats.

Elyas John – El Clasico / The Trip
Elyas John started his activity 12 years ago, a period during which he used a basic principle, he experimented the new and polished his gained experience. Through his promoted music he wants to convey his energy and feelings to reach the souls of energic and positive vibe lovers. In this way he succeeds to meet people he wouldn’t have met otherwise and wouldn’t have had the chance to resonate with them if it hadn’t been for this phenomenon called electronic music.

Mikko Nour – El Clasico
In 2011 an incredible feeling was born in Mikko Nour. He explains that it was like the music went into another level. It was pure dark magic. Underground music came alive and Mikko Nour from Romania begin to get inspired by the biggest underground Djs.

Light Jockey: Alpar Shineman
Visuals: Luciano

Access: 10 Ron < 01:00 > 20 Ron

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