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Getting Over Your Grief

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by | Feb 8, 2022 | Diverse, English

Once you suffer a loss, it may take a long time to feel better again. This is to be expected and you shouldn’t feel rushed to do so, no matter what others may think. Everyone must take the time to heal and work through how they are feeling, and this can take quite a while. Keep reading for ways that may help you get over your grief.

Work With a Therapist
When you have lost someone close to you, especially if the loss was sudden, you may want to work with a therapist as soon as you are comfortable doing so. They might be able to help you come to terms with your loss and will give you a safe space to talk about your loved one as well. Moreover, a therapist might be able to put events into perspective and help you think about things in a different way, in order to lessen the effects of your grief.

Consider reading more details about how grief affects you and how therapy may help.

Be Honest About How You Feel
While you are going through the grieving process, it is necessary to be honest about how you feel. If others ask you, tell them the truth. Moreover, be candid with yourself as well. Research suggests that the old adage you have heard about there being stages to the grieving process may not be true. There are many feelings you will likely experience when you are grieving, but they don’t follow a specific order or time period. You may feel sad one day and angry the next; there’s no way to know for sure how you will be affected beforehand. Take the time you need to process all of your emotions.

Take Care of Your Physical Needs
You should also remember your physical needs and hygiene. Keep eating and taking showers, as these things may help you feel better. It can be difficult to feel good about yourself if you have not taken a shower in a week and you haven’t eaten either. Do your best to go throughout your day or establish a new routine as you deal with your grief. Even if you feel like you are going through the motions, it may be able to help you get a sense of normalcy when your life seems like it’s out of whack.

Think About the Good Times
It could be beneficial to think about the good times you had with your loved one as well. These memories may seem bittersweet when your grief is fresh, but as you begin to heal, they might become more precious. Talking about a person you recently lost may be able to help you come to terms with what has taken place as well. Although it might hurt to talk about them, it could be beneficial for your mental health. If you are avoiding thinking or talking about the death of someone you care about, this could lead to mental health conditions, such as depression or a grief disorder, in some cases.

Try to Stay Busy
Another tip to consider is staying busy after you have suffered a loss. This may mean working more hours for some, but for others, it could be engaging in a simple hobby or task. For instance, you may wish to begin reading books to pass the time and keep you from thinking too much, or you could take up baking. There are no wrong answers when you are trying to distract yourself a bit, as long as the activity you choose isn’t making you feel worse.

Getting over grief isn’t easy, but it can be done, especially when you are able to work through your feelings and take care of yourself in the meantime. Be sure to take the time you need to heal and don’t pressure yourself to feel a certain way. No one can tell you when your grief will go away, or how long you have to grieve, so keep this in mind.

Guest post written by Marie Miguel

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